Green Tea
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Light spring nose, full bodied with notes of toast, sweet plum and moss - stunning.

The shape of the leaves is reminiscent of an eyebrow, hence the word 'mee' or 'mei', which means eyebrow. Chunmee translated is 'Precious Eyebrow'. The leaves are hand-rolled in a traditional fashion and pan-fired requiring great skill since the final tea is considered a work of art. Patience, great hand coordination, temperature control and timing achieve a fine jade color leaf and mellow yellowish brew.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea

Variety: Green Tea
Country: China
Region: Zhejiang Province
Growing Altitude: 1500 - 4500 feet above sea level
Grade: Chunmee Grade #1

Antioxidant Level: Ultra High
Caffeine Level: Low
Infusion Colour: Bright and yellowish green

Goes well with:
Milk: No
Sugar: No
Lemon: No
Mint: No