Green Tea
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Delicious green tea character with depth and body and a pleasant lingering finish. Some pungency.

Gyokuro tea is from single buds that are only available during March and April - when the best green leaf is produced. To increase the chlorophyll tea bushes are covered with bamboo and straw shading for the first 20 days in March. The leaves are plucked about 1-2 weeks after the shading comes off. The leaves are small - less than 1 inch but extremely fragrant and tender. The plucked leaves are gently bruised and then lightly steamed, producing dark green leaves that give a slightly pungent tea with depth and character.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea

Variety: Green Tea
Country: Japan
Region: Kagoshima Prefecture
Growing Altitude: 700-1500 feet above sea level
Grade: Shade Gyokuro

Antioxidant Level: High
Caffeine Level: Low
Infusion Colour: Tending bright forest green

Goes well with:
Milk: No
Sugar: No
Lemon: No
Mint: No