At Revl Tea, we believe that every sip is an opportunity to savour the moment, to breathe in, to taste, to relish, to enjoy. Each cup, each flavour.

It’s our privilege and pleasure to provide fine organic, loose-leaf teas and tisanes that not only taste great, but are packaged responsibly to minimize our collective environmental impact.

Revel (verb): to take intense pleasure, delight or satisfaction 

Revel (noun): boisterous merry-making, usually wild party or celebration 

Taste the Terroir
Like a fine wine, a fine tea is a representation of the terroir in which it is cultivated. Flavours can change based on tea variety, soil, elevation, and climate. This means that micro-climates can vary from tea garden to tea garden, from season to season, and year to year.

Join Revl as we explore teas from around the world, sometimes paired with local infusions for unique premium blends.

By choosing organic teas, we support tea gardens and farmers who grow their crops without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. That’s better for the environment and our bodies.

Make a Difference with Less Waste
Revl Tea is served with less packaging. No teabag, no foil or paper over-wrap, no tea tag, no string. Our teas are packaged in compostable materials and shipped in compostable or recyclable mailers. Revl works to ensure our supply chain is responsible, with minimal impact to the environment, including carbon offsets for shipping.