5 Ways to Celebrate Food with Friends and Family, While Giving Thanks!

Celebrations Fall Tea Pairing

This weekend, we're getting ready to celebrate time with family and friends! 

Here are 5 ways to enjoy tea with meals this weekend...no matter what you're eating!

1. Oolong

Oolong teas pair well with turkey - you just can't go wrong with any oolong tea, long oxidized or short!

2. Keemun

This black tea holds its own with meaty Ham and Lamb dishes

3. Sencha

For a plant-based diet, sencha green tea will enhance the flavours of any veggie dish

4. Phoenix Tree Lapsang

No matter what you're cooking on the BBQ this weekend, Phoenix Tree Lapsang has a smooth smokiness that will only enhance whatever you've got grilling

5. First Flush Darjeeling

If you are celebrating something special this weekend, indulge in the champagne notes offered by a First Flush Darjeeling tea

Whatever your pleasure, savour every moment!

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