5 Ways to Enjoy Halloween Treats with Tea

Wondering what to do with all those Halloween treats? How about enjoy them with tea? Here are some pairings to get you started:

  1. Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate treats pair nicely with an Assam or Keemun Mao Feng Black Tea.

  1. Fruity Sugar Candies

Fruity sugar candies like Maynards Fuzzy Peach pair well with Bai Mudan White Tea while Swedish Berries go with Sugar Plum Berry Black Tea.

  1. Dark Chocolate

If dark chocolate is more of your thing, enjoy with Very Berry Tisane or Wild Blueberry Black Tea.

  1. Cookies & Cream or White Chocolate

For cookies & cream or white chocolate treats, pair with Matcha Green Tea or Gyokuro Green Tea for a balance of flavours.

  1. Savoury

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Try those potato chips with Lapsang Souchong Black Tea for a savoury snack.

‘When in doubt, try it out’ to find the combination that suits you best.

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